Why keep a blog?

I have promised myself that once I’m on the road I will refrain from checking Facebook every 20-30 minutes, which I’ll admit is very close to my current reality.  I understand the concepts of living in the moment, being spontaneous, and breaking free from an electronic tether.

Having said that, I also know that someday I may want to relive this trip and a photo album won’t tell the whole story.  While the other seniors at the home are playing shuffleboard and Canasta, I’ll be the one with the iPad, reliving what I was seeing, feeling and experiencing on what was undoubtedly a life changing journey.

With that in mind, I have decided to document the trip on this public blog.  If I’m the only one who ever reads it, so be it.  If others check in regularly and can somehow live vicariously through me, then that’s a bonus.  Welcome aboard.

3 Responses to “Why keep a blog?”

  1. sbandtg

    good for you!!! i am about to sign up and follow your blog but this past week i have been wondering how much i write for myself and how much do i care if others follow and comment. part of me obviously wants my readers to comment and engage in a dialogue and part of me says, “it does not matter since this is what i want to do” and the other part wants people to be interested and read and comment. either way — i like what i see in your blog and love the nova scotia photos. looking forward to your other travels and photos!!!

    • 100Saturdays

      Thanks for the kind words Tamar! Back in the 1990s I lived in the same loft building as your friend Joan and I’ve drank tea from one of her cups for many years! Two years ago I sold my house and moved back to this old building while I’ve been downsizing, scheming, plotting and planning my trip. I’ll be hot on your heels come July 1.

      • sbandtg

        ah! you know joan. i am now in boston and planning my next travels — montreal, then florida to help my mother take care of my dad who has vascular dementia. in between… a week in havana. i really look forward to your postings which i quite like and i will continue with mine right here in boston. enjoy your RTW trip. i am very jealous and will live through you, vicariously. i hope i can get a show in china, though, and that would be an excellent excuse to return sooner than later! —

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