Home away from home

Today was a very, very big day in my two-year transition (downward spiral?) from homeowner > loft renter > homeless traveller: The postman delivered my official membership card for “Hostelling International”.

I won’t normally book hostels more than a few days in advance (if at all) but since I plan to be in Calgary during Stampede Week and San Francisco the week prior to Burning Man, I am taking the “rather safe than sorry” approach and have already booked hostels in these cities.

I’m easing into hostel life with some highly-rated hostels that appear to be much nicer than your average budget hotel for about half the price.  I’m sure I’ll wake up scratching in my fair share of bedbug-infested Third World firetraps but to start out I’m erring on the side of comfort and booking the nicest hostel in each city.  But hey, unlike high-end hotels in Vegas, most  hostels have free wi-fi.  What’s not to like?  Snore on, dorm-mates, I have free wi-fi.

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