The man burns in 219 days. And I’m in!

If you’re not reading these blog posts in chronological order you won’t be aware of my recent interaction with the Brazilian consulate in Toronto.  Let’s just say that I’d rather have a Brazilian wax than be worked over for a second time by the lone clerk at the consulate’s visa desk.  So it was a welcome relief when something went according to plan this afternoon.

I’m planning to attend Burning Man (festival?) in the Nevada desert over the Labour Day week-end.  I say “planning” but so far it has really only been “dreaming” as tickets didn’t go on sale until today and with more people wishing to attend than the 68,000 spots allotted, there will undoubtedly be a few who miss out.  This year they are issuing 35,000 Vehicle Passes for the first time and those too are in danger of selling out.

The ticketing process is somewhat complicated in that you must complete a “Burner Profile”, obtain a pre-registration code, pre-register, open an account with TicketFly, then wait for the actual ticket sale which just so happened to be today.  Sure, there were a few hoops to jump through, but this being Burning Man they could very well have been flaming hoops… held aloft by a pair of naked, multi-pierced and fully tattooed identical twins … over a large pool of Cherry Jell-O … while Acid House played at 4 bazillian megawatts through speakers that were also shooting flames.  You get the picture.

I’m happy – no, absolutely ecstatic – to report that after about five minutes of repeatedly entering the credit card info and pressing “buy ticket”, the system finally produced a confirmation email.

Now, let the real planning begin!

The Man burns in 219 days.

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