We really need a new home!

Tyson and Spike

The guy we’re currently living with is leaving the country in June – and we can’t go.  Can you help us?  Puh-leeze?

Hi!  That’s me, Spike, on the left, and my not-so-cute ‘brother’ Tyson on the right.  We’re perfectly healthy, neutered, affectionate and impeccably behaved indoor cats.  I have numerous hobbies that mostly involve laser pointers, crinkled paper, and pink feathery things attached to small bells.

I’m three and I’ve been told that I’m a really fun kinda guy.  Tyson, however, is 18 and he’s seriously into all forms of lounging and napping.

Tyson moved to our current home when a neighbouring business closed in 2002 and I wandered onto the back deck during a raging blizzard in 2011.  People say I was lucky to survive as I was a newly-weaned and abandoned kitten.  We’ve had a pretty good life at this place but unfortunately “The Big Guy” is leaving Toronto in June for a two-year, round-the-world backpacking trip. We don’t do backpacks, or bedbug-infested hostels for that matter, so we’re looking for a new home or homes.

If you or anyone you know might be able to help, we’d love to chat.


Spike & Tyson

416-737-4369 / mike_hamilton@mac.com

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