Photo Collection: Life in Toronto

Life in Toronto

Here’s a test link to the cloud-based photo storage site that I will be using once I’m on the road. Heavily edited collections of my photos will be displayed in galleries on this blog ( but the vast majority of my pics will be backed up to the Smugmug site.

Click on the above link to view a collection of photos taken in Toronto over the last five years.

3 Responses to “Photo Collection: Life in Toronto”

  1. sbandtg

    hey mike — what do you think of smugmug? i heard of it for the very first time last week. what does it do, exactly, compared to other clouds/photo storage sites? how long have you used it? etc. etc….

  2. 100Saturdays

    I’ve been using Smugmug for at least 5 years and would say that I am a reasonably happy customer. The main selling points in my mind would be the many way you can customize the site, various skins or themes, good customer service, ability to partition galleries and allow various levels of access, etc. You can limit access to those with a link, link and password, or keep it wide open, etc. it’s not as “social” as Flickr but that’s not what I was looking for so it serves me well.


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