Programs, get your programs

My mission for the past two years has been to downsize from a three storey house and a 10,000 square foot printing plant to a 4′ x 5′ locker and a backpack.  I still have a few things to DSP (donate, sell, or pitch) but the pile is growing smaller by the week.

With my cat leaving next week and the paperwork underway to reassign my leased car in late June, I think I’m on track to reach my goal a week earlier than planned.  Last week I delivered 11 boxes of programs, photos, autographs, and ephemera to the Canadian Horse Racing Hall of Fame.  There’s nothing really precious in this collection but some of the programs would be quite rare, including the first “Greenwood-Elmira Intertrack” program, the closing day programs from Barrie and Orangeville Raceway, many programs from dozens of now defunct tracks, a complete set of North America Cup programs, and numerous autographs including the late drivers John Chapman, Glen Garnsey, Tom Haughton, William Haughton and the like.

The Hall of Fame has a whole floor at Woodbine in which to store items (okay, a slight exaggeration), so I came to the conclusion they were a better option than the shredder.  Even if this stuff rarely if ever goes on display, at least it has been preserved.


Tom Cosgrove accepts “the goods” on behalf of The Canadian Horse Racing Hall of Fame.

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