Down With The Cowtown Croup

I’ve been through Calgary many times and I’ve spent at least a month in the city on several occasions but this is my first visit during Stampede Week.  And let me tell you, no other week can compare to the atmosphere of Stampede Week.  Mother Nature certainly co-operated this year by offering up sunny skies, highs in the low 30s, and a nice breeze.  She must feel guilty after last year’s torrential rains and severe flooding.

I’m not sure what Christiane Amanpour or Wolf Blitzer know about parties but no less an authority than CNN recently voted the Calgary Stampede as one of the Top 5 Best Parties in the World.  And based on the reviews offered up by the mostly University-aged crowd at my hostel, CNN is right on the money.

I spent yesterday morning and afternoon at the Stampede grounds but  had to drag myself back to the hostel by late afternoon.  I was completely zonked.  Some might pin my troubles on 21-1/2 hours in the close confines of a frigid Greyhound.  Whatever the cause, I’m sure that a bag of meds from Shopper’s will take care of my sinus headache and chest congestion by this time tomorrow.

In hindsight, allotting a whole week for my stay in Calgary looks like a good move.  I’m three days in and have yet to do much more than buy boots, hat and get a lay of the land, but I’m sure I’ll be Nashville North-ready by this time tomorrow.

2 Responses to “Down With The Cowtown Croup”

  1. Mike Magnus

    hope your havin fun but enuffs nuff we at woodbine already miss you soooooo time to come home back your destiny in life is the shows at Mohawk

  2. 100Saturdays

    Hi Mike,
    I appreciate your comment and it is nice to be missed but I have to say that I had 33 great years in the racing game and I’ve now moved on. If I was still doing the Labatt Best Bet, I’d bet the house that the races at Woodbine and Mohawk will go on with out me. 🙂


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