Day Trip With Shel

I’ve been in Calgary for the past 12 days and I’ve posted a few photos, one playlist, and exactly one blog entry.  And if you read that particular blog entry you’d know that I’ve been a little under the weather.  Well, don’t feel too sorry for me.  It’s true, I have had a bit of a cold for 10 days, but it certainly hasn’t stopped me from doing anything.

On Thursday I spent the day with a horseracing fan that I’ve known through Facebook for many years.  We’ve only met in person once so naturally I felt that I was imposing, but Shelley insisted on picking me up in Calgary (a 40 minute drive from her home) and then taking me on a full day tour.  I didn’t protest too loudly when she repeated the offer a second time.

In the span of 16 hours I managed to dip a toe in Lake Louise, check out the Chateau Lake Louise, buy a $6 bottle of water at the Banff Springs Hotel, spot a single lonely deer, hike a short distance to the small but incredibly beautiful Numa Falls, and straddle the BC / Alberta border with one foot in each province at the Continental Divide near Vermilion Pass in Kootenay National Park.  At the end of a full day we’d been through parts of three national parks, visited several UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and had a decent lunch at Lake Louise.  By dinner time we were back in Cremona where we met Shel’s husband Boyd at the local watering hole / gourmet pizza place.

You couldn’t pack much more into a single day.  I wouldn’t want to keep that pace for more than a day at a time but it was great to spend the day with friend and to see so much varied territory — from farmland to foothills to the greatest mountain range on the continent — and all within a days drive of Calgary.

Check out the photos of this trip in the gallery: “Day trip to Numa Falls, Banff, Lake Louise, Vermillion Pass, Cremona”

Lake Louise, Alberta   (with Shel Hastey)

Lake Louise, Alberta (with Shel Hastey)


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