Saturday #30: This won’t take long

My report of what took place on Saturday #30 is going to be a quickie. I spent the day doing laundry, topping up a data plan, shopping for Odor Eaters and a new toothbrush, booking a rental car and researching hostels for next week. Fun, eh?

Thankfully the day wasn’t a total write-off. My nephew Andy Hamilton flew into Auckland on Saturday afternoon and by 7:00 p.m. we had checked into Nomads Auckland Hostel and were enjoying a beer at the adjacent Fort Street Union Bar.

When I arrived in New Zealand two weeks ago my first meal was a pizza that was described to me as “uniquely New Zealand.” The menu said that Fort Street’s “Sunday Roast Pizza” featured “succulent pieces of roast lamb, cheese, peas, carrots, potatoes, and mint jelly on a thin crust.”

Lamb wouldn’t be one of my top five choices in the Red Meat Sweepstakes and I can barely get mint jelly past my lips, so I was skeptical at best. But I gave it a try and I can now report that Sunday Roast Pizza is simply awesome! I was glad I took the bartender’s advice so I did the same favour for Andy and practically begged him to give it a try. After one slice he wholeheartedly agreed with my assessment.

With a belly full of pizza and beer, and about 30 hours of travel since his last proper sleep, Andy didn’t have an issue with going to bed at 10 on a Saturday night. I wasn’t ready for that so I caught a movie (Into The Wild) in the hostel’s common room. And don’t worry – I’m not headed in the direction of Into The Wild’s main character. You won’t catch me destroying my credit cards, donating my life’s savings to charity, and embarking on a cross-country road trip to Alaska to live completely off the grid. Having said that, I love road trip movies almost as much as I love real life road trips. And I know that Andy loves road trips. Hmmm.

Check back in a few days for a full report of our trip from Auckland to Hamilton via Cape Reinga. I know, that’s a 544 km detour, but isn’t that what the best road trips are all about?

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