Trip Notes for June 3

Wednesday, June 3: Tsenkher, Mongolia 

7:10 John and I aren’t having much luck with yurts, fires or doors. There are said to be people who come around at both midnight and 7:00 a.m. to re-light your fire so we don’t lock or even latch our door. There was no fire in the stove when we awoke and the door was wide open. As fellow passenger Steph would say, “it was a bit nipply.”
7:40 The water in the showers is freezing cold but the tap water is boiling hot so I take the easy way out. The water comes out of a nearby spring at a bubbling 86C and is pumped less than 200 metres to the camp. I can’t figure out how hot tubs and sinks are gushing with water at the temperature of hot coffee yet ice-water dribbles from the the shower head.
8:37 Two young boys were very interested in my phone yesterday so when I see them running through the meadow this morning I take a short video. This is met with amazement when I show it to them on the phone. (The next night they saw me with my laptop and asked to see the video again.)


10:00 Three of us hire a local guide and together with our own Mongolian guide (Bayaraa) we go for a 90-minute ride on horseback. On the return trip we heard about 100 head of yak back to camp. That was another “first” for me!


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