Trip Notes for June 12

Friday, June 12: Lake Khovsgol, Mongolia 

8:00 The wieners are still cold but the fried eggs have been replaced by a basket of shredded carrot containing a soft egg. It looks like they lined muffin tins with shreded carrot and baked it the oven. It’s very good. I wonder how long until I see this on the menu at a 5-star hotel, for about 200x the price.

10:00 I signed up to go horseback riding this morning. The horses are small and pretty lazy so even amateur riders will feel comfortable. I take pity on the old grey mere that I’m paired with. There are no yaks to heard so the whole thing is a bit of a letdown after our experience a few days earlier. 


16:00 We hire two boats to take us to a mountain that’s about 140 km south of the border with Siberia. It’s said that you can see Russia from the peak. I wonder if they’ve considered renaming it Mount Pailin. I stayed close to shore and picked up some interesting bone fragments, rocks, driftwood and an old silver spoon that had washed up on shore. Combined with my eagle talon, this might make a great necklace to wear at Burning Man 2016.

10:30 Yarom, Frankie and I are in bed early. Yarom, a retired police psychologist and hostage negotiator from Jerusalem, regales us with a stories of some of his bigger cases. He once talked a group of Chechin terrorists out of a tense situation, has dealt with numerous hijackers, and at once sat down for dinner with a man who had stabbed two cops and was wielding a machete from his balcony. After dinner the man asked if he could go for a ride in a police car. Yarom agreed and drove him straight to prison.  Yarom has the best bedtime stories

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