Trip Notes for September 21, 22

September 21: Goreme, Turkey 
4:30. I’m up and wide awake thanks to the convergence of my 5′-11″ frame and a bathroom door frame that was no more than 5′-10″.  I can’t see blood for the stars.

4:47. Six of us pile into a van and head to the balloon launch site.  There are very few excuses for getting up at 4 a.m. but the prospect of watching the sun come up over Cappadocia from a hot air balloon is one of the best.

6:33. We’re back at the hotel. All balloon flights have been canceled due to high winds. There will be a backlog of people trying to redeem  their rain checks tomorrow but with luck we’ll get up the day after tomorrow.

20:00 I’ve spent the day wanderıng around the town. While there’s no denyıng the natural beauty of the surroundıng area, the commercialızation of Goreme makes Nıagara Falls look downright classy. Two days and three nights is all I need. 

September 22:  Goreme, Turkey 

14:00 I have spent another day strollıng around Goreme. With the exception of the balloon ride that’s slated for tomorrow and another group dinner tonight, the only activity left on my Silk Road ‘to do’ list is a quad bike tour of Cappadocia. I should be able to stroke that one of the list within the hour though.

18:50 The quad bike (ATV) tour won’t go down as one of the most exciting things I’ve done in my 14 months of travel but it was still an enjoyable two hours. The ATVs were old and gutless and the 12 people in my group were comfortable with varying degrees of adventure, so the leader kept a slow pace and everyone fell in line. Thankfully the scenery was spectacular.




23:50  We have a 10 hour drive following a sunrise balloon ride.  Thankfully, I can usually sleep on the truck so I set the alarm for 4 a.m.

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