The best things happen when you just say “yes”

Yesterday I met a nice couple from Palm Beach, Florida. Tonight Barry and Carol (to my left in photo) invited me to join them and two other couples for dinner at their 5 star hotel. I even got to bring some wine home with me, although it was mostly on my sleeve and pants. Spillage aside, it was a very nice evening with six very spry retirees. (And yes, it felt good to be the youngest and not the oldest in the room for a change.)   

I stopped on the way home to pick up some toiletries and was pleasantly surprised to find the type of Crest toothpaste that I like AND a can of Denver Deodorant Body Spray in the irresistible “Hamilton” scent.  I would have bought several for family members but this was the last can on a very dusty shelf.  It looked like it might have been sitting there since the 80s.  

Here the 18-year-old self-described “pharmacist” Raj poses with the evidence. I suppose he could have entered university at age 13.  

Below is the laughably mis-named Sai Palace.  And yes, that’s an open sewer that you step over at the entrance to my digs in Agra.  Talk about curb appeal!    

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