Hi Mike

I read this blog entry during my breakfast on January 1.
I guess this year is gonna be a good year because it starts
with a broad laughter. The story of HENRY THE GERMAN is
so funny. I read the story several times and could not stop laughing.

During the following days I thought about this guy again and again.

So, I don’t want to miss to raise another thought about
Hermann the German (that’s my nickname for Henry).

Although it seems that he his afraid of
unknown situations and circumstances
and having a lot of emergency plans in his
pocket, he decided to do this “very danger” trip.

That means to me, his curiosity exceeds his fear.
And that is a very good starting point
to change points of view.

Since he is starting from a very “low level”
it may be, that his degree of realization
is very high.

I am convinced, if all “afraid people” did this step,
the world could change into a better place.

I’m not sure, whether all “laughing followers”
of this blog would do that.

Although it was annoying for you, finally it is a funny story.
Very entertaining!
I ‘m sure you will never forget this guy.

I wish you a great year
with a lot of inspiring experiences
I look forward reading your next blog entries.