Stauffer / Stouffer Stuff

Some of my immediate family members have copies of this stuff, some do not. Some care, some do not. I know that if I did a Google search and came across the archives of distant relatives I’d probably have a look, so with that in mind I am posting a few of the items I have that pertain to the Stouffer, Hoover, Reesor and Wideman families from which I am descended on my mother’s side.  


Stauffer crest as published in 1918.

    Road sign near Stoufferstown, Pennsylvania (circa 1976).

Commerative plaque in Stouffville, Ontario (circa 2012)

Edward Stouffer (brother of my maternal grandfather David Lewis Stouffer)

Samuel Barkey Hoover (1840-1917), my maternal Great Grandfather 

Susannah (Wideman) Hoover, my maternal Great Grandmother.  She was more commonly known by her nickname, Smiley. (Or maybe not.)

My parents on the occasion of their 50th wedding anniversary in 1992.  L-R: Marion (Stouffer) Nicely, Helen (Stouffer) Hamilton, William Belfry Hamilton, Howard Hamilton.

My grandmother, Frances (Hoover) Stouffer making soap at the David Lewis Stouffer farm on the west side of Consession No. 8 near Ringwood, Ontario (circa 1920)

L-R: Jean and Gordon Boyd and my mother, Helen (Stouffer) Hamilton at the Christian Stouffer farm, east side of Concession No. 8, at Ringwood, Ontario (circa 1939)

L-R: David Lewis Stouffer, Marion Stouffer, Frances (Hoover) Stouffer at the Christian Stouffer farm, east side of Concession No. 8, at Ringwood, Ontario (circa 1914)

  The entire enrolment at Ringwood Public School with Principal Smith (circa 1928)

  My aunt, Marion Stouffer (Nicely) circa 1914

My mother, Helen Isobel Stouffer (Hamilton) circa 1931

My grandfather, David Lewis Stouffer shingling a house at the corner of 9th Line and Rupert Street, Stouffville, Ontario (circa 1965)
Obituary for David Lewis Stouffer
Obituary for Frances (Hoover) Stouffer
60th Wedding Anniversary of my grandparents, Mr. & Mrs. David L. Stouffer 

Going hunting with the boys?  Frances Hoover at the Anthony Hoover farm, Dickson Hill, Ontario (circa 1905)

My mother, Helen Isobel Stouffer (Hamilton) at the David Lewis Stouffer farm, Ringwood, Ontario (circa 1921)

Wall hooking created by my mother Helen Isobel (Stouffer) Hamilton in the 1980s, depicting the DL Stouffer farmhouse at Ringwood, Ontario 

My parents William Belfry Hamilton and Helen Isobel (Stouffer) Hamilton at the Anthony Hoover farm, Dickson Hill, Ontario (circa 1940)

  My grandparents, David Lewis Stouffer and Frances (Hoover) Stouffer with either my mother or aunt at the Anthony Hoover farm, Dickson Hill, Ontario (circa 1911-1919)

My aunt, Marion (Stouffer) Nicely on the occasion of her 90th birthday. Back row, L-R: Tom Richardson, Joan (Nicely) Richardson, Wayne Hamilton (circa 2001) at North Bay, Ontario 

 My mother, Helen Isobel (Stouffer) Hamilton in the passport photo taken prior to my parents’ 1970 trip to Spain – their first international flight and a pretty big deal at the time!  I had the silver brooch that she is wearing in this photo made into a money clip and I carried it until January when I sent it home for safe keeping.  I’m now using a slightly less glamorous elastic band.

5 Responses to “Stauffer / Stouffer Stuff”

  1. Greg Myers

    What relation is Stoufferville to Stoufferstown near Chambersburg Pa.Im from cburg and came across your picture of the Stoufferstown marker located along Lincoln Highway,Is that the only image that you have from that time period?I would think you would have been to the Stoufferstown cemetery and saw some of the housrs in this area built by the family and some still standing.

    • 100Saturdays

      Hi Greg, I don’t know how I missed your comment until now, but I did. Stouffville (Ontario) was founded by Christian Stouffer who moved north from Chambersburg around 1803. I was about 12 years old when my family visited the Chambersburg area and my mom took the photo of the ‘Stoufferstown’ sign. A few years ago I scanned thousands of her photos and I believe that’s the only photo from that trip — as odd as it seems. I suspect there were many more but were either lost over the years or perhaps given to my grandmother and then passed down to her kids. At any rate, I don’t have any other photos of the area from that date and can’t really recall if we visited any houses that would have been built by ancestors. Im currently in Turkey but will return to Canada in May and would like to make a ‘pilgrimage’ to the area in the fall of 2017 or sometime in 2018.

  2. Robin Janz-Buhr

    Thank you! My great grandmother was Edna Winnifred Stouffer (maiden name) on my maternal side! I think she lived to be 98 or 99. I enjoyed these pictures, and I will share them with my Mom.

  3. Jim

    To any Stouffers who read this….I am looking for the parents of Christian Stouffer/Stauffer b. in 1820 ( I think in Chambersburg) d. in 1896 in Chambersburg.rg, Pa. I have been looking for 25 years to no avail. I have exhausted all the internet sources also. He seems to have dropped out of the sky!


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