Camino Trip Notes: Stage 28 (Molinaseca to Camponaraya)

Monday, May 16, 2016

Distance: 23km

7:50 – If all goes according to plan, I will walk at least 23 km today and hopefully up to 30 km.  If I can do the next four stages in three days, it will put me into Santiago a day earlier than planned and I might have time for a little side trip on Saturday #100.  

12:30 – I arrived on the outskirts of Ponferada around 10:30 and was still walking through the city centre at lunchtime so I popped into the intriguingly named Graham Bell Cafeteria.  After thirty minutes and three mini bocadillos I still have no idea why it’s called the Graham Bell Cafeteria.  First of all, it’s a bar not a cafeteria, and second they don’t have a payphone let alone a collection of antique telephone paraphenalia.  

13:00 – I’m not impressed with the signage in Ponferada!  There were more arrows than trees on the maseta and you’d really have to be clueless to get lost but here in the city you can walk blocks without seeing an arrow.  Even some of the signs that look like a yellow arrow from a distance are actually signs put up by private businesses to lure you OFF the track!  

15:30 – I found my own way out of Ponferada and eventually arrived in Camponaraya around 15:30. This medium sized town is about 6 km short of my goal for today but I noticed some familiar people drinking beer on a sunny patio and the lure was too great. I’ll try to make up more ground tomorrow but after two beers it’s clear that I’m not going any further today.

2 Responses to “Camino Trip Notes: Stage 28 (Molinaseca to Camponaraya)”

  1. Benson+Fox

    This has suddenly got much more picturesque. Could have been the purple butterflies, the poppies, the highest point being past, the beer on the sunny patio…


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