Camino Finisterre Trip Notes: Stage 1 (Santiago to Negreira)

Monday, May 30, 2016

Distance: 22 km

9:57 – I’m off to another late start and I’m blaming it on the rain. It was pouring when my alarm went off at 6:30 and it was still pouring when I got up at 7:30. I’ve spent the last 2+ hours enjoying my last free breakfast buffet at Boutique Hotel Literario San Bieito. I’ll be back to bread and jam tomorrow – wherever that may be.

11:46 – I’ve been walking for an hour with Santosh from Westerville, Ohio. He was born in India and was happy to hear that India is the one country that I absolutely must return to. He also had a ton of good advice for travellers to the sub-continent. I didn’t make notes while walking so I’m going to stop for a coffee in Alto de Vento and transcribe some of what I’ve just learned. Santosh wants to be in Finisterre tomorrow night so he’ll carry on (and pick up the pace considerably.)

12:10 – It only took me 20 minutes to get online at this hell hole. I had to ask the old cook, bartender, cashier and finally the young dishwasher before learning that the last five characters of the wifi password (see above) were “LLADA.”  Upper-case.  Honestly, how would anyone know that and why wouldn’t they provide a sign or a printed password?  

12:50 – I have sent 200 photos to the cloud and downloaded several new podcasts so it’s time to say goodbye to the friendly and helpful staff at The Little Cafe of Wifi Horrors.  (Some serious attitude adjustments are in order here.)

13:30 – Lilly of The Valley, Forget Me Nots, Forsythia, Snap Dragons! I don’t think I’ve given a minute’s thought to these plants since I was 6 or 8 when my mother would pick them in the fields near our cottage.  It’s funny how the names came rushing back after all these years.

15:03 – I’m about 5 km from Negreira and the Aussie girls I’ve been walking with want to stop for a drink.  Their guidebook recommends a country inn in Pontemaceira which is just around the bend.  It is said to have a sunny patio overlooking a weir and a 13th century bridge.

15:10 – The bar is even more enticing than described in the guidebook.  

15:20 – A very nice Rioja is 1.40€ a glass. 

20:30 – I made it to Negreira and found a 1970s era hotel with cheap rates.  There will be no further posts today.  If you need an explanation, refer to the entry from 15:20.  

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