Camino Finisterre Trip Notes: Stage 4 (Lagrosa to Cee)

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Distance: 16 km

9:57 – I’m late getting started but the weather is nice and time isn’t an issue.  I have decided to split the traditional last stage into two stages so that I arrive in Finistere around mid-morning tomorrow rather than later this evening.  

11:26 – I’m already halfway to Cee. I’ve passed through a few villages but the path is largely through rural areas with stunning  views from the highlands. It’s another morning of bright sunshine, warm temperatures, vibrant wild flowers and birdsong.  

12:19 – I stopped for a few minutes to check out the Church of San Pedro and drank from the spring that has been quenching the thirst of pilgrims for over one thousand years.  Ignore the inscription that says 2004. That’s a technicality and we don’t concern ourselves with technicalities while on the Camino.

13:22 – I’m approaching Cee and I can see the sea. It’s mostly downhill from here! 

14:30 – Victoria, British Columbia has been called ‘God’s Waiting Room By the Sea’ but this place takes that sentiment to a whole new level.  The best beachfront real estate is a cemetery!  

16:39 – I walked by half a dozen albergues and at least a dozen small hotels before something drew me to Albergue A Casa de Fonte.  Inside I found the Dallas family with whom I shared a 4-bed dorm last night.  They asked me to join them for dinner and I gladly accepted.  After many questions, it sounds like Randy would be a prime candidate for the Silk Road trip that I did last year with Dragoman Overland.  If you’re reading this, Randy, I’ve included  a link to a YouTube video that was shot by a fellow traveller.  This video is expertly edited but it depicts EXACTLY what we saw and did on that 120 day odyssey. 

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