Camino Finisterre Trip Notes: Stage 5 (Cee to Finisterre)

Friday, June 3, 2016

Distance: 12 km

8:00 – I have already walked 2 km with two German students and a recently graduated doctor from Detroit.  They want to stop for breakfast in Corcubion so I join them.  The girls have ordered churros but I’ve gone with the traditional bacon sandwich.  We all agree that when you’re walking as much as we have been for 35 days, the occasional bad menu choice isn’t a big deal.  It will be next week when I’m lounging around Lisbon but as long as I’m burning 5000+ calories a day it’s bacon with a side order of bacon, por favor.

10:30 – I’ve made great time this morning and have caught up to Australians Karen and Ernie.  Actually they caught up to me.  The last time I saw them was just outside Leon when Karen had bad blisters and Ernie was in rough shape with bronchitis. A few days in a nice hotel worked wonders!

12:39 – I’ve rented a room at Hotel Finisterre and arranged for a private car to take me back to Santiago in the morning.  The car was nesessary as the Saturday bus schedule is too tight to guarantee that I make my connection to Lisbon.  

13:30 – The desk clerk at Hotel Finisterre put the final stamp in my pilgrim passport.  “Time to celebrate,” he said with a chuckle as he set a bowl of warm pork rinds in front of me. See, it’s not all bacon. 

18:10 – I want to spend some time at the lighthouse while it’s still daylight so it’s time to get walking – for the last time on the Camino!

19:10 – I made it!   There are more  people hanging around the lighthouse than I had expected but that’s because there’s now a road and a parking lot big enough for several tour buses.  

On the plus side, there were plenty of people willing to take my photo. The first woman I asked wanted no part of the symbolic “Burning of the Socks” but I soon found several others who got a few nice shots of me gazing out to sea while my orphaned merino wool sock went up in flames.

6 Responses to “Camino Finisterre Trip Notes: Stage 5 (Cee to Finisterre)”

  1. Brett Goodall

    Congratulations. It sounded like a marvellous trip….

  2. joanmcneilstudio

    Mike, I’ve been following your travels since the beginning and enjoyed every minute of it. Congratulations on the long walk! Everything is the same here at 90 Ontario except that the building has been sold and who knows what the new owners will do. There is a huge development proposal but it’s just a proposal. Maybe a trip around the world should be next for me. In the meantime, I’ll keep following yours.


    • 100Saturdays

      Great to hear from you Joan. I have a small locker at 90 Ontario so maybe the sale will spur me on to liquidate the last few boxes of stuff that I kept but really don’t miss! I highly recommend the long term travel lifestyle but I know it’s not for everyone.

  3. Grant Reimer

    ¡De nuevo, Mike, felicitatciones!
    You’re lucky. The fog at Finisterres was so thick I couldn’t see my hands.


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