Where is he now?

Mike is riding out the pandemic in Toronto, Canada.  He’ll hit the road as soon as it’s safe to do so.

5 Responses to “Where is he now?”

  1. chrisinkingston

    I’m impressed; you’ve grabbed life by the horns!

  2. Peter Langelaan

    Hi Mike
    An intro to start. I’m a race fan who read about your journey and decided to follow along.
    I just heard about the quake in Napa. Did you feel it? Hope you didn’t get trapped in that bathroom! lol. Safe travels.
    Peter Langelaan

    • 100Saturdays

      Hi Peter,

      Thanks for following! There doesn’t appear to be any damage whatsoever in San Francisco. It was enough to wake me though – and I’m a very sound sleeper. I will put something up on the blog shortly.

  3. Margaret Meps Schulte

    Hi, Mike! I’m just checking in to see where you’ve been since we met at Burning Man. Holy cow, you ARE on an adventure! I hope our paths cross again one day, and we can share what we’ve learned in our peripatetic wanderings. Thanks for the inspiration!
    Margaret Meps Schulte (http://www.1meps.com)

  4. 100Saturdays

    Hi Meps!

    Thanks for the message. I crossed from China into Kyrgyzstan yesterday afternoon and landed in Bishkek an hour ago. I’m catching up on my messages now as Facebook is blocked in China and my VPN worked only half the time at best. I won’t get back to North America until this time next year but plan to be at Burning Man in 2016. Hope to see you then!



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